2023 updates wrap-up

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We haven't published development advancements during 2023 due to the heavy workload we've been having in side projects.

Updates have been pushed along the entire year, but we left announcements unchecked until now.

So, here's the full list of changes that have been happening during the last months:

Core updated to version

  • Added error 500 thrower.
  • Tuned session management.
  • Added memory exhausting protection on the database class.
  • Fixed an issue in session management that caused excessive entries in the logins table.
  • Fixed path issue in the abstract video manager constructor.
  • Tuned injected scripts checker.

Accounts module updated to version 1.24.7:

  • Added logins table sweeper.
  • Added impersonation check over user/display name on edition.

Posts subsystem updated to version 1.34.22:

  • Added checks for dodging encoding issues in the JSON posts deliverer.
  • Added check to avoid warning on the posts repository.
  • Added GET var to allow full content instead of excerpts on RSS feed calls.

Posts logger updated to version 2.0.3:

  • Added collapsing/expanding capability for the in-post log section.

Comments module updated to version 1.12.7:

  • Changed checks against numeric ids due to conflict on previous evaluations.

BardCommerce module updated to version 1.2.30:

  • Added option to relocate the ShareThis bar on the single product page.
  • Added extension point on the single product page.
  • Added extension point on the product record class.
  • Tuned user semaphore extender.
  • Allowed deletion of products on dormant orders.
  • Refactored available products filter to:
    • Show products with offers (previously hidden when offers were defined but expired).
    • Always show products with no stock (systemwide setting).
  • Removed "add to cart" button from product listings when products out of stock are shown.
  • Removed overdue sale/expiration captions on product boxes.
  • Improved JSON browser.
  • Added account user level based discounts on products.
  • Added product giveaways for shop coadmins.
  • Added fix to the featured image on the product page overlapping to the right.
  • Added checks on the order payment section to prevent overselling products.
  • Tuned products browser.
  • Added PoliCromix SPs to supported currencies.
  • Fixed image glitch on the product page.
  • Added check for fixer.io on the single order page to prevent error being thrown.
  • Tuned payment gateway notes on the open order page.
  • Fixed issues on default settings on module installation.

Fixer.io interface updated to version 1.0.3:

  • Added option to hide the currency selector on the menu.
  • Added PoliCromix SPs to the available currencies list.

User Semaphores module updated to version 1.1.4:

  • Added error handling on the semaphore builder.

Chatrooms module updated to version 1.4.2:

  • Fixed issue with textarea resizing.

Triklet core updated to version 1.28.10:

  • Refactored agent charts on the home with Plotly.
  • Added "response time by agent" chart on the admins home.

Modules manager updated to version 1.5.1:

  • Added group/tag in the modules brwoser.


There it is. We apologize for not publishing all that before, but you can be rest assure that despite the lack of news, we keep ourselves working behind the curtains.

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