Summer 2021 updates wrap-up

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We've been working hand in hand with other dev teams bringing exciting features to new ecosystems. Because of that, we tuned some things and added features to several modules.

Here's the full list of changes deployed since February of 2021:

Core updated to version

  • Tuned CLI color scheme.

Accounts module updated to version 1.22.1:

  • Added toggle for showing/hiding the password on the login dialog.

Contact module updated to version 2.4.5:

  • Added checks to avoid errors when the module is disabled.
  • Added support for attachments.

Posts subsystem updated to version 1.34.6:

  • Added check to avoid generating numeric slugs.

Hardcoded pages module updated to version 1.3.0:

  • Removed buttons that weren't meant for everyone.
  • Added code editing mode switch.
  • Added extensions support for page contents processing.

BardCommerce updated to version 1.2.2:

  • Fixed issue with great total calculation/displaying.
  • Added filter for disabled payment gateways on the shops composer.
  • Added methods to the shops repository.
  • Tuned product record methods.
  • Added extension points on the product record class.
  • Added inventory availability on the product page.
  • Added processer param to the change_state method on the orders repository.
  • Added support for virtual products management by extensions.
  • Added extension point on the product saving script.
  • Added extension point on the BCF payment processing gateway.
  • Added extension areas info on the module information file.
  • Fixed CSS typos in the products browser.
  • Added setting to limit the amount of products a shop can feature.
  • Fixed unit display price issue.
  • Added a setting to always show a link to the full browser on multiple shops.
  • Some cleanup.

All templates (free and custom) updated (minor version number bumped):

  • Tuned the contact section on the user profile home.

Universe20 template specific changes (late update to version 1.1.0):

  • Fixed CSS on right sidebar.
  • Slider tuning:
    • Removed touch sensibility to allow placing links.
    • Allowed full content processing in posts.
    • Tuned styles.
    • Hidden slides other than the first on before load.

Triklet core module updated to version 1.27.0:

  • Added option to show actions at the top of the conversation message composition area for agents with mobile devices.
  • Added attachments to contact form extender.
  • Added link to the user email in the conversation mini-profile.
  • Detached canned responses to a file instead of the settings table.

That's all for now. We have other announcements to make, but they'll be posted on our social network channels.

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