Major improvements on our website, premium modules available for purchase and new bundles for different needs

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During the last days we made some fixes and additions that weren't notified in the moment because we were preparing extra stuff that will make sites administration better. Yeah, our dreams are starting to come to life, and we want to share this vision with you.

Updated components

Accounts module updates wrap-up to version 1.15.1:

  • Added blocking to login forms on submission.
  • Added extension points on login, registration and account editing forms.
  • Minor layout adjustments to registration/account editing forms.
  • Minor language fixes.
  • Added "full layout" option for specs in preferences editor.

Posts module updates wrap-up to version 1.25.1

  • Added support for post metas and custom fields editor.

User Labels module updated to version 0.2.3

  • Minor fixes.

Installer script improvements

  • Added support for deployment on WAMP environments.
  • Switched downloads from HTTP instead of HTTPs to avoid issues with cURL.
  • Added support to keep existing .htaccess files when deploying over document roots that have existing directives.
  • Added insertion of notices and warnings regarding cron jobs, update tokens and other important things.

Major improvements on our website

We dedicated a lot of hours to add landing pages for all available BardCanvas components. In some cases we added screenshots and further information, but there's still a lot of work to be done.

We also tuned the remote deployment functionality, added some checks to avoid issues and some improvements.

All premium modules are now available for purchase

We already had commercial schemes for selling premium modules, but we weren't able to publish them due to the lack of minimal descriptions. Now that we had all pieces in place, we made everything to facilitate the purchase of premium modules. OK, some of them are still in beta, but the Energy Department and our ISP -among other hated but needed service providers- don't care... they want us to pay the bills.

Premium Module Licenses vary in price, from $9 to $39 USD per website and most of them have volume discounts. Once you purchase a license, it is set to your account at our website, so you can attach it to a token, and then use that token on a website. This system allows us to leave your licenses fully portable, so you can move them around your bardcanvas-based websites.

If you want to learn more about this scheme, please take a look at the Tokens System Info Page.

Time to dream big: new bundles have been released

Some time ago we made a campaign at Kickstarter and we've built some bundles in tiers for interested backers. We decided to implement them on our website.

  • Antitrolls: this bundle contains the same components of the Base Bundle and adds two premium modules that help keeping annoyng visitors in check. You can get it for $29.00 USD per website (24% less than purchasing packages individually).
  • Magazine: contains the same components of the Antitrolls Bundle and adds three premium modules that will make any blog turn into an online magazine. You can get it for $78.00 USD per website (26% less than purchasing packages individually).
  • Forum: contains the same components of the Magazine Bundle and adds four modules that will convert a simple blog into a multi-author forum. You can get it for $133 USD per website (28% less than purchasing packages individually).
  • All-Star Social Network: contains the same components of the Magazinde Bundle and adds three modules that greatly improve user interaction. You can get it for $173.00 USD per website (30% less than purchasing packages individually).

All purchases are processed with PayPal.

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