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The BardCanvas Posts Subsystem is at the center of most BardCanvas functions (yet it is not required in some cases, for instance, by the Triklet bundle).

At first glance, it is pretty similar to most blog editors: it relies on TinyMCE for formatting contents, posts are shown on indexes automatically, and a large etcetera. But where it excels is on its additional capabilities, for instance:

  • It automatically converts emojis from monochromatic to full color using the Emoji One set.
  • It has a "quick posts" editor that sits on top of most indexes and allows users to post a small entry and add images and videos.
  • It relies on BardCanvas' level-based privileges scheme, and lets you fine tune your users posting privileges.
  • You can choose which categories you want to exclude on the main index (your website home page).
  • You can specify which categories are automatically added to the home page slider included in most templates.
  • You can set it to show the first image on the contents of posts with no featured image specified.
  • You can set enforced expiration of posts based on their category.
  • It automatically creates child post indexes and allows you to customize it using shortcodes.

...and a large etcetera.

Latest changes:

[1.34.22] - 2023-07-01

  • Added GET var to allow full content instead of excerpts on RSS feed calls.

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💡 We're still working on the extra details, docs and screen shots. If you want to see this module, please visit the demo site. Thank you for your patience!

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