New free template released: Blue Network

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Some users told us that they wanted to have a blueish theme, and here's our response:

The Blue Network template

As you may notice, it is based on the "Orange Network" template, which is, at the moment of publishing this note, the most liked one.

We'll be working on a blueish version of the base template, which was requested by a friend, but that'll be done and notified apart 😁

How to get it

This template is already inclued on the latest versions of the BardCanvas and Triklet bundles. If you downloaded any bundle before April 16, 2017, then:

  1. Download the package here.
  2. Uncompress the contents. You'll get a "templates" folder, and inside it, the "blue_network" folder.
  3. Upload the "blue_network" folder in the templates directory of your BardCanvas installation.
  4. If you have the modules cache enabled, go to the Modules Manager and purge the cache.
  5. Go to the settings editor, look up for the templates selector, select it and save changes.
  6. Enjoy!

If you're using the command line, it is even easier. Just login by SSH to your server and run the next commands:

# cd /path/to/bardcanvas_html
# wget
# tar -zxvf blue_network.tar.gz

Then proceed to the step 4 on the previous procedure.

If you want to learn more about this template, please go to the Blue Network Template Home Page.

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