BardCanvas updates ~ June 22, 2017: easiest installation!

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One of the things we personally hate about a PHP script is the need to download, unpack and upload to the server. And BardCanvas is no exception: there are a lot of files and uploading by FTP takes several minutes.

Yeah, you have the command line and the wonderful wget and tar programs, but most people doesn't know -and doesn't care- about the Linux command line.

So we took the time to make an installation script. We tested it on different scenarios (well, we're somewhat limited at the moment) and the initial version seems to be fine enough to rely on it.

The next time you want to install BardCanvas on a server, you just need to download, unpack and upload a single file, then run it, specify settings and it will do the dirty work for you in a matter of seconds.

Updated modules

Accounts module updated to version 1.14.2

  • Added exension point on account confirmation.

Posts module updated to version 1.22.2

  • Fixed wrong date comparison in posts check against deletion.

That's all for now. We're still working on a lot of things that aren't ready to be announced 😜

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