It's been a long delay, but we haven't stopped moving forward.

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Some months ago we were working on the BardCanvas Mobile Platform and it was finished when we released the Mobile Client for Android. The next step was publishing on iTunes for all iOS users, but there was something else our lead dev started to cook during that time, and it threw the iOS app release back for a few months.

Before going to the details of what was in the oven, here's the list of changes that have been pushed recently:

Core wrapped up to version 1,13,0,0:

  • Refactored user language setting.
  • Added support for multi-language files on modules loader.
  • Added extension point on the web helper's mail sender.
  • Added a language pre-setter on the bootstrap.

Accounts module updated to version 1,17,0:

  • Refactored editable prefs generator to properly handle user selected language.
  • Added notification to accounts with missing email set on profile.
  • Restructured level check on the toolbox and registrations chart.

Posts module updated to version 1,28,5:

  • Fixed some language issues.
  • Refactored logic to add meta image.
  • Added "data-main-category-slug" body attribute to single posts.

MH Magazine Lit template updated to version 1,0,7:

  • Updated categories listing order on the home page.
  • Minimal output and CSS fixes.

Twitter Cards module updated to version 1.3.4:

  • Added flag to programatically avoid rendering meta tags.

Messaging module updated to version 2.5.10:

  • Restructured level check on the ban/unban script.

The main dish: say hello to Blockchain Financial!

Our lead dev went full throttle on the making of a framework for cryptocurrency operations, injecting lava into our engine's veins. And this effort found partners, and a new project was born from it:

Initially, two services of the Crypto Framework are offered through Blockchain Financial:

  • Online wallet services for 11 cryptocurrencies. Deposits, withdrawals and off-chain user to user / user to email transfers are offered, with support for the BardCanvas Mobile Platform.

  • CryptoWiz, the latest development of the old WhitePuma project (the host of the first cryptocurrencies tipping app approved by Facebook back in 2014), has been fixed, expanded and ported, so you can:
    • Create a "piggy bank" and use it on Blockchain Financial's forum to tip post authors or receive tips for your submissions, or share the link everywhere else.
    • Register your website in Blockchain Financial's Supported Websites list, create buttons, generate the code and embed it on your pages or integrate it with your scripts to receive tips, donations or payments.

Other modules of the framework are already in development:

  • A marketplace for buying and selling goods and services for any of the coins supported by the website.

  • A person-to-person trading system with reputation ratings and all the features you will find in similar escrow systems.

Both modules, and other crypto-related ideas that will be developed in the future, will be offered as services through Blockchain Financial.

As you may have noticed, all the Crypto Framework's components aren't available for download, because they're not being released as Open Source and there will be no licensing scheme available. But, if you're interested in using them in your own BardCanvas-based website, please take a look a the Blockchain Financial's Products and Plans page for more information.

And if you want to experience the work in its full glory, get to and register an account for free!

There's a lot of work ahead

We'll keep improving BardCanvas and, at the same, do our work with Blockchain Financial. And, well, get back into the app for iOS as humanly possible.

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