BardCanvas Mobile Client App for Android is officially released

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It is official! We finally released the BardCanvas Mobile Client for Android! Now you can get it from Google Play and start adding websites from the in-app Featured Websites list or any other you know about!

Apple is next

During the next days we'll prepare the app for submission on iTunes. We'll keep you posted!

All modules for the mobile platform have been released

Some time ago we released the source of all the engine's modules for the mobile platform (GitHub repo here) but we haven't listed those modules on our own library. Now you'll find the category on our main menu (just find it here). Feel free to take a look at it and check the notes before installing them.

We're still in the works of adding the mobile platform modules to the bundles where they can fit. Please be patient.

Latest changes on the entire platform

We've worked hard on the latest changes on several modules to improve the functionality of the mobile client. Also squashed some bugs. Here's the list of things done in parallel:

Contact module updated to version 2.4.2:

  • Added extension points.
  • Changed some language captions.

Triklet module wrapped up to version 1.17.3:

  • Added conversation messages reordering and printing suppport.
  • Added extenders to allow automatic creation of tickets when using the contact form to send an email to any registered user.
  • Fixed language glitches.
  • Added canned responses injector on contact form extender.

Mobile controller module updated to version 0.0.6:

  • Added check for services availability.

Mobile client wrapped to version 1.0.0

  • Removed buggy Cordova StatusBar plugin.
  • Cleanup and ready for production.

Something's in the oven already

There's a thing, other than the mobile platform, that we've been working on.

You'll find out very soon.

If you want to know what this thing is, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter so you receive a notification when this thing is announced 

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