Time to go beta!

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The struggle was real.

We've been really busy with our mobile app during the last days. We found some bugs and needed to fix them on some of the server side modules in order to properly bring services forward for the mobile client side. Here's the list of things we touched:

Updated components

Core updated to version

  • Fixed issue in unique id maker that caused issues in fast consecutive calls.

Accounts module updated to version 1.15.6

  • Added missing language captions.
  • Fixed empty alert when trying to login using an email address.

Mobile controller module updated to version 0.0.4

  • Added check to avoid authentication attempts with aliases instead of user names.

Mobile posts module updated to version 0.0.4

  • Changed captions on language files to suit platform limitations.

Messaging module updated to version 2.5.8

  • Added attributes to items on the chat docklet for easier DOM manipulation.

Mobile chat module updated to version 0.0.5

  • Added conversations list extension point.
  • Added complementary data to conversations list.
  • Reorganized some variables on the worker.

Triklet main module updated to vesion 1.15.6

  • Fixed malformed sender addresses on incoming messages from senders without name.

Mobile client wrapped to version 0.1.0

The last version of the Closed Alpha on Android was 0.0.9. We came far enough to switch to an open beta, and we did it yesterday.

On iOS, all tests ran on our own devices, using iTunes Connect. So, during the last couple of days, we finally pushed a build for open testing and got it approved on iTunes.

So before going to the links, let's make a quick review of what's been done since the last news update:

  • Version 0.1.0 (released on March 8)
    • Added internal data container setter to Ajaxified HTML services.
    • Added "legend" field type to form composer.
    • Added password visibility helper button.
  • Version 0.0.9 (released on Feb/21)
    • Recompressed tutorial files to gain extra package size reduction.
    • Fixed chat users list autorefresh issue.
    • Added extra check for back button pressing on Android.
    • Removed alpha transparency from iOS icons (they were shown with black background).
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the tutorial from being rendered on older Android devices.
    • Fixed issues that prevented picking media for uploads.
  • Version 0.0.8 (released on Feb/13)
    • Added support for deeper view levels to allow proper initialization of framework controls.
    • Changed tutorial slides to JPEG to reduce package size.
  • Version 0.0.7 (Released on Feb/12)
    • Reworked back button functionality due to several issues in previous logic.
  • Version 0.0.6 (Released on Feb/11)
    • Extended back button usage on Android.
  • Version 0.0.5 (released on Feb/09)
    • Added manifest updater on app init.
    • Improved the featured sites selector.
    • Hidden unused options button on the right sidebar.
    • Improved the chat functionality.
    • Tuned usage of back button on Android.
    • Added tutorial.

Call to actoin: let's test it, baby!

  • For Android it is really simple: just go to the link below, confirm that you want to become a tester and then you'll be able to download the app from the Google Play store.

  • For iOS it is a bit more complex: we need to use Apple's TestFlight app. Please follow the next steps:
    1. Send us your email address using any of the next channels:
    2. Install Apple's TestFlight app. It is needed to install the BardCanvas app. Get TestFlight from iTunes here.
    3. We'll send an invitation to your email address from our iTunes Connect account. Once you open your email app, you must open the provided link to accept it and register yourself as a BardCanvas tester.
    4. Once accepted the invitation, you'll have BardCanvas added to TestFlight so you can install it.
    5. That's all. Once BardCanvas is installed you'll just check the tutorial to get started.

Your input is crucial for us!

If you get stuck, please ask us for help. We'll gladly provide any assistance. You can write us:

If you want to send us comments about the app, please do so using either our contact page or Facebook or Twitter pages listed above. Or, if you don't bother to register on our website, you can use our Mobile App Beta Forum and post what's on your mind to help us improve the app before going into production.

We'll keep going full throttle for the next days

We think the app is tuned enough to leave the beta stage in a couple of weeks. We hope to count with as many users as possible to confirm if we're on the right path or we need to step back a bit.

We hope to count with your help.

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