Version 1.11.4 released: improvements for restricted hosts

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During recent days we've been asked for help by a user that had several issues trying to run BardCanvas on his recently acquired host. It was an account on a shared hosting provider, and had enhanced security settings. So we modified a few files to avoid other users under similar circumstances getting hit.

Updated Components

Core updated to version (Wrap-up of the latest four updates that weren't published)

  • Fixed login helper paths in .htaccess (note: may require manual edition on deployed websites).
  • Showing display errors changed to "On" by default on config-sample.php
  • Added styles for responsive grids into TinyMCE (extra changes pending).
  • Fixed path issue on account validation email.
  • Added resetting of SQL mode to avoid global strict warnings.
  • Changed mail method from sendmail to PHP mail() function to avoid fatal errors.
  • Chaged MIME detection method for video files to avoid warnings.

Updates Client module updated to version 1.6.1

  • Removed mandatory checks over HTTPs.

All templates updated to next minor version (x.x.3)

  • Tuned CSS to improve multi-column layouts on indexes.

Other updates

The experimental site manager here at had a small addition: you can set a small caption to the website so, instead of getting a wide widget for big domain names you can set it to a small label to identify it (I.E. "bcdev" instead of "").

That's all for the moment. Stay tuned, because we have exciting news to be released soon!

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