[ANN] Open Beta release for Android

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During the last couple of weeks we've made several adjustments and additions to the app. Now we're ready for the Beta stage, and we decided to make it open for everyone who wants to jump in!

First of all, a big thanks!

We want to thank to all the people that helped us on the closed alpha. We received some input and squashed some bugs, plus made huge improvements.

The latest changes

Theres' not much to report here, just a couple of things:

  • Multiple adjustments and optimizations.
  • Added password visibility helper button on the website addition form.

Joining the beta

Before doing anything else, if you have any earlier version of the app, please uninstall it from your device.

To join the beta testing group, first go to the invitation page on Google Play:


Once you register yourself as a tester, the app will be available for download as any other app on the Google Play app.

Your input is appreciated!

Please post your comments and bug reports on this forum. We'll be monitoring it closely!

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