Enhanced Security module

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Enhanced security for BardCanvas. Includes the next capabilities:

  • Whitelisting Hosts/IPs (by pattern).
  • Blacklisting Hosts/IPs (by pattern) or entire Countries.
  • Failed logins (bruteforce attacks) tracking with editable IP blacklisting settings.
  • Email address blacklisting (from the users' perspective).
Keep track of failed login attempts

When this module is installed, notifications will have links to blacklist addresses so impersonation attempts can be blocked by victims with no need of intervention by you or your admin staff

Block single hosts by name or entire networks using wildcards
Block individual IPs or subnets using wildcards

Whitelist hostnames or domains using wildcards
Whitelist individual IPs or subnets using wildcards

If the PHP GeoIP extension is enabled you'll get all info taken from the proper databases and an extra: country-level blockages

  • License: #Paid for personal or commercial use - see terms here
  • Developed by: LAVA SoftWorks
  • Included in all commercial bundles
  • Package id: modules_premium/security
  • Current version: 2.6.23, released 2 years ago
  • Not available for download without a valid Premium token.
  • Price: $29.00 USD/Website ►Purchase now

Latest changes:

[2.16.23] - 2022-05-13

  • Wrapped account login extenders inside a toolbox class.

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