Polls module [beta]

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Allows the creation of polls attached to posts. Includes a widget to show a featured poll. Very similar to Facebook polls, but comes with a fully detailed report of voters and controls to keep voting trolls in check.

Adding a poll to a post is as easy as:

1. Expand the post options, locate the Polls area and hit on "Create"
2. Set configuration options (question, permissions and expiration)
3. Add voting options
4. Done! Once the post is saved, the poll is added at the end of the contents
Once users vote, you'll get the results filling up
Everyone can see voting results, but only mods/admins get full details and extended actions

You can add a widget on the right sidebar to show a pinned poll:

1. Just go to the Widgets Manager and hit "Add widget" on the right sidebar
2. Relocate where you want and save

Once the widget is set, you just need to pick a poll to pin:

1. Go to the post, hit on "Pin to sidebar" and confirm
2. That's it! The poll will be shown on the right sidebar

Latest changes:

[0.1.4] - 2022-03-16

  • Refactored IP Geolocation functions.

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